International Legacy


The COVID-19 crisis created a huge demand for: wills, testaments, legacies, over 50s insurance plans, and pre-paid funeral plans. Unfortunately those instruments are costly and do not provide relief to the family.

Insurance plans are expensive

  • Over 50s plans: most policy owners will put in more money than their plans will pay out (this is how insurance companies makes money). And the coverage usually starts after 2 years.
  • Whole of life plans: if the insurance contract allows increase of premiums, most insurance companies will increase it so much that the insured will be unable to pay (and the insurance company will then cancel the plan and keep everything).

Pre-paid funeral plans are not guaranteed

A pre-paid funeral plan is risky:

  • easily underfunded ;
  • investment returns do not track the funeral costs inflation ;
  • the exact location of the future death is unknown ;
  • funeral costs depend on the location ;
  • no legacy option.

Our solution: a PROMINEE® International Legacy trust

All the problems can be easily resolved in 3 steps!

  • Step 1: open & set-up the plan
  • Step 2: fund the plan by contributions
  • Step 3: the trust pays out within 2 business days of the claim.

Plan highlights

  • immediate coverage
  • fund by: lump sump and/or monthly contribution
  • ability to stop/start/increase/decrease contributions
  • ability to refund or cancel the plan (an exit fee applies)
  • the plan pays towards the costs of the funeral
  • surplus is given to your designated beneficiary (or beneficiaries)
  • no setup fee, nor yearly fee, nor managment fee
  • easy funding by: Credit Card, Paypal, and Direct Debit.

Which jurisdiction?

The choice of the jurisdiction will be done by the Trustee(s) which we provide.

Our fees

2% deposit fees (+payment processor fee), and 50% on capital gains (if any) when the trust pays out.

Type of investments covered

  • Any major currencies (no cash)
  • Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum (physical or not)
  • ETFs
  • Shares of public companies
  • Bonds listed on a traded exchange

BONUS included!

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