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When the entity is a LLC/LLP/LP, there is no shareholder nor director. But the entity could be member-managed, or manager-managed. In the case of a member-managed entity, please use the Nominee Shareholder service, otherwise please use the Nominee Director service.

Nominee Services

Name of service:

Price in GBP

Nominee Shareholder


Nominee Secretary


Nominee Director


Proxy Management Service

Reverse Nominee Shareholder£490/year

Reverse Nominee Secretary

Reverse Nominee Director£1,240/year

Incorporation/Company Formation/Company Continuance Services

Name of service:Price in GBP
Marshall Islands LLC Series (one Series only)£200/year £49/year
Domestication of a Delaware LLC to Wyoming£300
(renewal at £200/year, including the annual report)
Incorporation of a Wyoming LLC£200
(renewal at £200/year, including the annual report)
Incorporation of a Liberian LLC£999
(renewal at £600/year)

Trust Services

Name of service:Price in GBP
Create a trust
& ongoing
£350 set-up,
then £150/year
Precious Metal Trust2% entry fee, free yearly maintenance
Trustee of an existing trust£150/year/trustee

Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property:Price in GBP
Trademark and/or Design Registration£150/application
+statutory fees
Nominee IP: +£25/year/jurisdiction


Name of document:Price in GBPOptions
Subrogation order£15/act
Nominees’ Certificate of Incumbency 1£15/certificate
Notarized: +£55
Notarized w/Apostille: +£135
Signature of any document
provided by youOnly document(s) with our sole signature can be notarized and/or apostilled.
FREE signature
Notarized: +£55/document
Notarized w/Apostille: +£135/document


Name of service:Price in GBP
Air mail postage
+£3 for registered mail
Express postage£16/envelope
Courier postage£29/envelope
Document scanning£2/document
Email postageFREE
Printing of documentsFREE
A4 or US Letter paper formatFREE
A4 by default


  1. A Certificate of Incumbency is a document used to confirm the identity of the signing officers of an entity. Sometimes it also confirms the names of directors and shareholders as well as minute book contents. A Certificate of Incumbency is often used to prove that a particular individual is authorized to enact legally binding transactions on behalf of a company.
    A Certificate of Incumbency has various other names; it is also known as an Incumbency Certificate, a Certificate of Officers, an Officer Certificate, a Register of Directors, and as a Secretary Certificate.