Be sure to read our guidelines before proceeding with us.


Do NOT use our services for any of this reason:

  • defraud a third party ;
  • create or increase corruption ;
  • any terrorist activity ;
  • violate, either directly or indirectly, intellectual property laws ;
  • money laundering ;
  • avoid a disqualification order.


Please confirm the shipping address before sending out documents to us.

Scope of services

  • We will never sign accounts (or returns), except if approved by a professional accountant ;
  • We will never have access to a bank account, nor provide a signatory nominee for a bank account ;
  • We will never transmit money ;
  • We will never be/take part of the business done ;
  • We will never take any management decision ;
  • We reserve the right, in our own discretion, to:
    • refuse to provide our services,
    • terminate our services for any violation defined in Restrictions.

Documents required

We need to identify our customer. This is the list of required documents:

  • for a company:
    • certificate of incorporation (in English, French, or Japanese, otherwise a certified translation)
    • copy of passport of the manager(s)/director(s)/attorney-in-fact signing the agreements with us
  • for an individual:
    • copy of passport

We accept scanned documents sent by email.
However, we reserve the right to ask for a certified copy (along with Apostille), or to see the original document, if the copy seems suspicious. We will send back all original documents submitted at your charge (postage fees applies).


We fall under the ACCA1 Rulebook2, bye-law 8 (Liability to disciplinary action).

  1. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  2. ACCA Rulebook 2018 version