Reverse Nominee Director

A Nominee Directory service is the sale of someone’s else name for duties done by the customer. A Reverse Nominee Director service is the opposite of a Nominee Director service: it is the sale of a (perceived) involvement in the entity, leaving the name of the customer on public records. Another name for this service is “Director’s Involvement Nominee“.
The Reverse Nominee Director is based on two agreements:

    • one remaining private and secret (unveiling your real involvement) ;
    • the other could be (should be?) public.

If the public agreement is released to a third-party, this third-party will think you are acting as a nominee director for us.

Scope of Service

Be sure to have read our guidelines.

What do I get for the stated price?

  • Reverse Nominee Director’s name
  • Reverse Nominee Director’s address
  • Reverse Nominee Director’s signature on any document provided by you (postage fees apply after the 1st set)
  • Documents are sent by air mail, otherwise requested by you
  • Any notification of postal mail sent to the Reverse Nominee Director (postage or scanning fees apply)

Documents provided

    • Reverse Nominee Director Agreement (x2)
    • Nominee Director Agreement (x2)
    • Indemnification Agreement (x2)
    • Blank letter of resignation (x2)

On request, usually not needed:

  • copy of ID1 of the reverse nominee director (purpose needed)

Steps & time

    • Once your payment is accepted, we send 6 undated & unsigned agreements by post2 (3 ~ 7 days)
    • You sign all agreements
    • You send back all agreements to us by post, along with the documents required by us, and (if any) the document(s) you want your nominee to sign (3 ~ 7 days)
    • We send you an email as soon as we receive your mail (the service starts from this day)
    • We date & sign the agreements
    • We keep one original of each
    • We send you back by post the documents, along with the letters of resignation.[/note]you may request scanned copies by fax or email for a fee[/note] (3 ~ 7 days)

Estimated turnaround time: 9 ~ 21 days

Why do I need this service?

Check our tutorial for examples of use.


Check our fees page.


You need to be pre-approved, please use this questionnaire to proceed, 3 minutes required.


  1. copy of passport if individual director, copy of certificate of incorporation if company director
    if notarized and/or apostilled, additional fees apply
  2. In some cases, agreements may be sent by email