Why choose us?

  • We are in business since 2005 ;
  • You can trust us because, as per our guidelines, we don’t want any other money amount than our fees ;
  • We are low cost, and our fees are competitive: they have been adjusted after a complete review of all of our competitors ;
  • We are financially sound and profitable, and registered with an unlimited liability ;
  • No price increase guarantee for continuing customers (excluding postage) ;
  • We believe we can provide the tools for your strategy ;
  • We use innovative tools 1 ;
  • We can use electronic signatures, shorting the time required for signing documents to a few hours!
  • Our nominee services are discreet 2 ;
  • Many different type of nominees from different countries available 3 ;
  • Good communication (email reply usually within 24 hours) ;
  • We endorse:
    • the 10 rules on combating corruption 4
    • the 5 principles of the Cyber Security Guide for Business 5
  • We value your time & privacy.

Choosing an unreliable or dishonest company could be disastrous for the future of your business!



  1. PROMINEE invented in 2009 the Subrogation order, and the following services: Proxy Management Service, Reverse Nominee Shareholder, Reverse Nominee Secretary, and Reverse Nominee Director. We use electronic signatures too!
  2. The word “nominee” is not contained in any of our entities’ names!
  3. see our Jurisdictions
  4. from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ICC Rules on Combating Corruption 2011
  5. from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ICC Cyber Security Guide for Business