About us

In business since 2005 and registered in the USA, we started to offer our services to our private clients. In 2009, we decided we could expand our services to everyone, and we created PROMINEE®: the fusion of PROXY and NOMINEE.

Our values

  • Integrity ;
  • Trust ;
  • Time efficient ;
  • Privacy.

Vision from 2005 to 2016

  • Increase accessibility of nominee services & assets protection tools.
  • Create a network of Resellers.

Vision from 2017 to 2022

  • The low-cost model is efficient at producing what customers want, fast, and cheap ;
  • Everybody want its own company without the headaches & compliance, to start-up and team up ;
  • The market is craving for a competitive incorporator ;
  • Innovate and create unbeatable offers!



  • a registered trademark in Hong Kong, under number 303938806 ;
  • a pending trademark in the USA, under serial number 90631583 ;
  • a registered trademark in the EU, under number 018500013.