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How can you be so cheap?

PROMINEE® goal is precisely to be a low-cost service, and the business model is to be high volume and for low risk clients. If you are not confident by our level of service: you can always check our list of competitors if you think you deserve to pay more! Now that you are still here: if you are genuinely conducting an honest and proper business then you are considered low-risk. With low-risks come low-prices.

Which service should I pick?

We can’t know better than you, and you’ll have the final decision (of course we can still make a recommendation). Every strategy or plan is so different, depending on the person, situation, goalWe hope the information provided on our website will be a good guidance. In the meantime, you may check our آموزش. You can always open a ticket if you need our expertise (a £50 GBP minimum consulting fee will apply).

Is your service available in/for my country?

We have designed a پرسشنامه for this. Instant answer within 3 minutes! It mostly depends on where the entity is incorporated.

Who can benefit from your services?

Either an individual or a company. You may check our دستورالعمل ها for a list of required documents in either case.

In which countries are the nominees located?

Please see the jurisdictions page for details.

Can I stop the service whenever I want? Will I get a refund?

Most of our services come with blank letters of resignation, which can be dated and signed at any time. Please contact us before sending them out (the shipping address might vary).
All of our services are non-refundable. You do not have to renew them: but please notify us if you are not renewing them.

Can I hold IP (Intellectual Property) assets through a nominee?

Absolutely! Bear in mind that the nominee will become the prima facie owner of that IP. This service is very popular with UK companies because of Brexit: as it is easy to hold EU assets through a nominee without the need of maintaining a subsidiary.

Do you sign documents written in a foreign language?

Sure, just explain briefly what is it about. If you need an Apostille on the documents however: you will have to provide a translation into English attached to the document, or have the page split in two: with English on one side.

How many different nominees can you provide?

Please see the jurisdictions page for details.

Why are your fees denominated in GBP (British Pounds)?

Most of our competitors are located in the United Kingdom so in order to compete with them we decided to denominate all of our fees in GBP from the start. As a customer you just have to convert the price in your currency equivalent.

Can the nominee transfer money for us?

No. Our دستورالعمل ها are clear on this. But we believe it’s not a problem because a subrogation order can be issued.

How can I access the money of the company if you are acting as both a nominee shareholder and a nominee manager?

Some solutions:

    • you are given a Power of Attorney to open a bank account of the company: you only will be the signatory of this bank account (note: it is now standard compliance to disclose beneficial ownership to the bank where the account is opened)
    • whether the company registry is public or not, you may want to be an additional manager or secretary (which will open a bank account for the company)
    • you can use any of our Reverse Nominee Service (just in case somebody does not want to believe that you are detached from the business).

In all cases you will notice that we are not getting close to the profits/losses accumulating in the company (as per our رهنمودها)

Can you recommend a bank for my company?

For many years the industry charged (outrageous) fees for a recommendation or a bank introduction. Those intermediaries bring no added value. The only fair (although biased) intermediaries should recommend a bank to you free of charge (as many get a commission back from the bank). The business of bank introductions is critically endangered: you can always find the list of banks of any jurisdiction: simply connect to the regulatory organization that gives the license to the banks. The last straw to this business model is the well compiled (& free) Streber’s list.

Delivery of documents by post is too long for me, do you have something faster?

We can use electronic signatures, shorting the the time to a few hours!

Can I ask for more than one service for the same entity?

Sure! To start with your first primary service, just answer our پرسشنامه.

What methods of payment do you accept?

VISA, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, & Diner’s Club through Paypal. And bank transfers.

Want to use another method of payment? با ما تماس بگیرید and we will look into it!

I have another question not answred in this FAQ

Please contact us, we will answer as soon as possible.

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